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Removing Foods from Your Diet That Make Your Jaws Ache

One of the best ways to reduce jaw discomfort is to choose foods that will not place undue pressure on the jaw when you eat or bite down. Therefore, to relieve jaw pain, you should remove foods that are hard, tough, crunchy, or chewy from your diet. You can find healthy and softer foods to replace the foods that cause you to overuse your jaw. Some of the worst offenders include popcorn, chips, hard candies, granola, crunchy raw veggies, such as carrots and celery, and caramels. It also helps to stay away from tough meats, such as steak. Do not chew on ice or foods, such as walnuts, almonds, or peanuts.

What Foods are Better Substitutes

Naturally, if you get rid of some of the foods that cause jaw pain, you need to figure out some healthy substitutes. Foods that will alleviate jaw discomfort include scrambled eggs, rice, pasta, yogurt, soft breads, and leafy green vegetables. Prepare soups, chili, or stews, and focus on softer meats, such as tuna, white fish, and dark chicken or turkey meat. Mashed potatoes, cottage cheese, or baked potatoes, without the skin, are also good substitutes too. Be conscious about the foods you eat when under added stress and assess a food before you eat it if your jaw is sore or you are in pain.

Jaw pain can be minimized by switching out certain foods with softer selections. We can also assist you if your jaw pain results from TMJ. Give us a call today at (702) 270-2999 to schedule an appointment for a consultation and exam.

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