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When it comes to preserving your oral health, tooth extractions often serve as an essential procedure that can prevent further complications. At BEACON: Henderson Oral Surgery, located in the heart of Green Valley and serving surrounding locations like Whitney Ranch, Silverado Ranch, Anthem, Seven Hills, MacDonald Ranch, and Paradise Valley, we specialize in making your tooth extraction experience as comfortable and effective as possible. Our expert team, led by Dr. Steve J. Huang, is committed to providing you with top-notch care and ensuring a speedy recovery.

What are Tooth Extractions?

Tooth extractions are a medical procedure designed to remove problematic teeth and enhance your overall oral health. Whether you're dealing with advanced gum disease, impacted wisdom teeth, or teeth that have suffered severe decay, our state-of-the-art facility in Green Valley can accommodate your needs with professionalism and comfort.

Why are Tooth Extractions Needed?

Tooth extractions become necessary when alternative treatments can no longer save a tooth. Leaving an issue unaddressed can lead to a variety of problems, from shifting teeth to severe infection and intra-oral damage. Some common scenarios that necessitate tooth extractions include:

  • Impacted wisdom teeth
  • Loose or severely decayed teeth
  • Teeth that are cracked or broken below the gum line
  • Stubborn baby teeth
  • A desire to avoid further, more complicated treatments

Who is a Candidate for Tooth Extractions?

Before proceeding with the procedure, we conduct a thorough examination, including x-rays, to determine whether a tooth extraction is the right course of action for you. If you're experiencing any form of oral discomfort or have visible signs of dental issues, it's important to consult with Dr. Steve J. Huang for a professional evaluation.

What is the Procedure for a Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extractions in Green Valley are performed under the highest standards of care. After providing you with the appropriate anesthetic or sedation—options we can discuss during your consultation—Dr. Huang and our skilled team will proceed with loosening and extracting the tooth. Sutures may be applied if necessary, and you will be guided through aftercare for a tooth extraction to ensure a smooth recovery.

How Long Does a Tooth Extraction Take?

The duration of a tooth extraction largely depends on the complexity of your case. However, most extractions can be completed within an hour, making it a relatively quick process.

What is the Recovery Period from a Tooth Extraction?

Recovery typically takes a few days to a week. It's essential to follow the aftercare instructions provided to you by our team to speed up the recovery process and prevent complications like infections or dry socket.

How Can I Schedule an Appointment?

If you suspect you may need a tooth extraction, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Call our Green Valley office at (725) 213-6131 today to schedule an appointment.

When it comes to your oral health, BEACON: Henderson Oral Surgery has got you covered with a range of services, including dental implants, crowns, and dentures, apart from expert tooth extractions. Trust us to help you put your best smile forward.

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