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When you visit Henderson Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center, our staff is here to walk you through your initial consultation appointment. We are excited to meet with you and help you have better oral health.

Prior to your appointment, your dentist may have asked if they could share information with us, including x-rays. This information is helpful to us in initiating your treatment plan. Having this information prior to your appointment gives us time to review your file. We may have also asked that you pre-fill out insurance information and other paperwork so that we are ready to get going for your consultation.

To help us care for you more efficiently, please provide the following before your initial consultation appointment:

Your dental and/or health insurance information: Providing your insurance information prior to your appointment allows our office staff time to contact your insurance and collect your information. One of the most commonly asked questions by any patient is the cost associated with the procedure, if you have time to consult your insurance, we can answer those questions.
Referral Forms: Any referral forms or x-rays given to you by your general dentist or physician. Some dentists offices may have sent it to our office already. These forms are necessary for insurance filings.

During your first appointment, we will ask that you:

List All Medications: We will need to know of all medications, prescribed, over-the-counter, homeopathic or herbal medications. Additionally, we need to be aware if the patient smokes tobacco or marijuana. Any of these listed products could alter how you heal or interact with medications we provide, so we need to take them into consideration.
Your Health History: There are a number of health-related issues that could impact how you heal or cause a negative reaction with the anesthetics we use. It is important that we are made aware of your health history.
Minors need to be accompanied by an Adult: A parent or other responsible adult should accompany patients under the age of 18.

At your appointment, you can expect Dr. Huang to perform a full oral exam. This may include:

A Visual Exam: Using a probe, we will examine the area in question, along with the surrounding area. We may be checking for signs of infection, damage to tissue, or other symptoms of interest.
Digital Radiography: Oftentimes, your primary dentist has sent x-ray images, these are helpful for our pre-exam, but we may want to take digital x-rays images specific to what we want to see. Digital images today use significantly less radiation to capture, making them safe while providing us with valuable information.
3D CT Scan: Depending on the work being done, we may request a digital 3D CT scan. This is an x-ray image of the entire area in 3D, allowing us to create a precise treatment map for specific procedures.
Relevant Medical and Dental History: It may be important to know the medications you are taking as well as past medical and dental information. We want to gather a wide range of information to help our treatment be successful for you.

After we have gathered information, we can then discuss the proposed treatment specific to you and your needs. In some situations, there may be options, including treatment options, material options, and the proposed timeline. We are happy to discuss all of these options, including anesthesia and aftercare instructions. If you have any questions about your first appointment, feel free to contact our Green Valley or St Rose offices by calling (702) 270-2999. One of our staff members will be happy to assist you. Thank you for reviewing this important information, and we look forward to meeting you.

Financing & Insurance

At Henderson Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center, our goal is to provide patients with the best surgical care and the most convenient financial options.

We accept multiple insurance plans, forms of payment, and financing options to make your treat.

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